Soya Value Chain Next Advocacy program to start on 28th November 2022 at Temale, Wa, and Accra

The Soya Beans Round Table discussion meeting is the advocacy program of the Soya Value Chain Association of Ghana, the purpose of the program is solely to advocate for the development of the value chain in Ghana. Since the inception of the round table discussion meeting, it has been held at the national level. From the 28th of November 2022, the Round table discussion meeting is being taken to ten Regional levels at levels Wa on the 28th and 29th of

The chairman Mr. Thomas Bello of the SVCAG advises and cautions all members to re-register!

Members of the value chain are encouraged to register on the association digitalisation system. Only members registered on the system shall be considered as eligible and substantive members. The membership of the association consist of Small Holder Farmers, Commercial Farmers, Aggregators, Input Dealers, Feed millers, Poultry Farmers, Sponsors, BDS, Financial Service Providers, Mechanisation Service Providers, Media Partners etc. You are qualified to be our member if you belong to any of these actors. Regards, Chairman