The Soya Value Chain Association of Ghana is calling on government to appoint new leaders for the Ghana Commodities Exchange, Buffer Stock Company and the incoming Commodities Export Control Authority.

According to the association, leaders at these institutions do not have the requisite skills to regulate the affairs of the soya value chain.

Speaking at a press conference organized by the Soya Value Chain Association, Vice Chairman, Daniel Ahenkorah indicated that stakeholders along the value chain are usually overlooked in decision making.

“We sincerely appreciate government’s move to regulate the export of this commodity, but based on the concerns raised by our members who are the main actors, we think further engagement is needed. In addition, we would have liked that at every stage of the negotiations leading to the final decision of this temporal ban, members of SVCAG should have been consulted as a body but unfortunately, this did not happen.,” he said.

In a press statement sighted by Joy Business, the association stated their position on issues in the soya value chain.

The statement said, “Government should increase effort to develop a national strategy to make soyabeans a cash crop, Replicate and expand the SAPIP project to increase soyabean production in Ghana and Revise the leadership of public institutions like Ghana Commodities Exchange, the Buffer Stock Company and the incoming Commodities Export Control Authority to give value chain actors control to lead these committees for effective operations on the ground.”

This follows a recent directive from the government to regulate the export of these commodities.

The Soya Value Chain Association of Ghana was established more than a decade ago with an aim of producing and making available high quality certified soya seeds for farmers in Ghana and to quadruple soya beans production figure each year.

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